Inviting public to explore the connection between dance and care through participation in instructional performances created by 10 choreographers from Germany and Indonesia.

About Bodies of Care

Bodies of Care is a performing arts project that invites the public to actively participate in a performance created by ten young choreographers from Indonesia and Germany together with performance artist Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia) and the media- and performance collective LIGNA (Germany). As the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our culture and gestures of caring about one another, this experimental project critically reviews our understanding and daily practices of care and community care. Responses to ever more urgent questions about care — who cares and who does not care for whom —vary in different local and global contexts. From June to September 2021, 10 choreographers from Germany and Indonesia collaborated in an explorative workshop series. During the workshops they worked on synchronizing digital and analogue realities and experiences of caring cultures and infrastructures in meaningful ways as well as on connecting them to their specific social contexts on different islands in Indonesia and different cities in Germany. Together, they’ve crafted instructional choreographies that participants can respond to and perform in different parts of the world. The instructions are accessible online through our dedicated page where can participants individually or collectively listen to and move with, while exploring gestures and embodied practices of ‘care’ through choreography.

How to Participate

Everyone is invited to take part in the activation of Bodies of Care regardless of the time zones and places you reside in. The project will be launched on 25th September 2021 and is accessible through the website of Norrm Radio. Simply follow the instructions recorded on the videos and tracks provided on this website.

ENGLISH By Nyoman Krisna Satya, Ela, Eva Borrmann, Izabella Maria Herzfeld BAHASA By Nyoman Krisna Satya, Ela, Eva Borrmann, Izabella Maria Herzfeld DEUTSCH By Nyoman Krisna Satya, Ela, Eva Borrmann, Izabella Maria Herzfeld
"The Skin Creature" composed by Bonzaii
ENGLISH By Abdul Hadi, Marlen Pflueger, Yasmina Lammler - Composed by Bonzaii BAHASA By Abdul Hadi, Marlen Pflueger, Yasmina Lammler - Composed by Bonzaii
ENGLISH By I Made Yogi Sugiartha BAHASA By I Made Yogi Sugiartha
"Thank You"
ENGLISH By Mekratingrum Hapsari BAHASA By Mekratingrum Hapsari DEUTSCH By Mekratingrum Hapsari
"Where Are You Going Today?"
ENGLISH By Densiel Lebang BAHASA By Densiel Lebang
"Sounds of The River"
ENGLISH By Kurniadi Ilham BAHASA By Kurniadi Ilham

Produced and organized by The Goethe-Institut Indonesien and Sasikirana KoreoLAB & Dance Camp (Indonesia), this project is a result of an intensive online artistic development process of ten young choreographers and dancers – seven from Indonesia and three from Germany. The artists try to define care and community care in relation to their practices as choreographers, expressly related to the embodiment of care in their communities. At the initiative of the Goethe-Institut Indonesien, Melati Suryodarmo and LIGNA as mentors and facilitators created an instructional performance that audiences in different public spaces can conduct.

Choreographers: Abdul Hadi (Bandung, Indonesia), Kurniadi Ilham (Jambi, Indonesia), Densiel Lebang (Jakarta/Toraja, Indonesia), I Nyoman Krisna Satya Utama (Bali, Indonesia), Ela Mutiara (Sukabumi, Indonesia), Mekratingrum Hapsari (Solo, Indonesia), I Made Yogi Sugiartha (Bali, Indonesia), Eva Borrmann (Nürnberg, Germany), Izabella Maria Herzfeld (Berlin, Germany), Marlen Pflueger and Yasmina Lammler (Berlin, Germany). Sasikirana KoreoLAB and Dance Camp The Sasikirana KoreoLAB and Dance Camp (SKDC) initiative aims to bring back the notion of the body as a tool of expression, not just the medium of representation. Focusing on contemporary dance, since 2015 Sasikirana annually holds a one-week intensive dance workshop that takes place in NuArt Sculpture Park (Bandung). In 2020 Sasikirana launched DOKUMEN.TARI, an extension of the dance camp that primarily focuses on increasing the skills of Indonesian young dancers in articulating their critical thinking. The program intends to be a platform where young Indonesian dancers can store their life stories accompanied by visual documentation, thus making it the first accessible database of its kind in Indonesia. LIGNA LIGNA is a media & performance collective with artists Ole Frahm, Michael Hüners and Torsten Michaelsen. Since 2002 their work is devoted to creating temporary situations that utilize the audience as a collective of producers—an association that 6 can produce unforeseeable, uncontrollable effects that challenge the regulation of a space. One of LIGNA´s models of media usage, the Radio Ballet (invented in 2002), provides radio listeners with a choreography of excluded and forbidden gestures in formerly public but now controlled spaces such as train stations and shopping malls. In 2017 LIGNA received the George Tabori prize, the most important award in the German free theater scene. Melati Suryodarmo Melati Suryodarmo is an Indonesian durational performance artist. Her physically demanding performances make use of repetitive motions and often last for many hours, sometimes reaching “a level of factual absurdity”. Suryodarmo has performed and exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Born in Surakarta, she attended Padjadjaran University in Bandung and graduated with a degree in international relations before moving to Germany. She lived there for 20 years, studying performance art at the Braunschweig University of Art with Butoh choreographer Anzu Furukawa and performance artist Marina Abramović. Melati later returned to Indonesia and founded Undisclosed Territory, an annual festival for performance art. Melati also established Studio Plesungan in Surakarta. Norrm Radio Norrm Radio is an online radio station and a platform based in Bandung, Indonesia that started their broadcasting in 2017. Having worked with more than 200 contributors, the platform tries to create networks through music by providing the space for discussions, promoting arts and culture in Asia.