Bureau of SubstanceIn Search of good stories from; entrepreneurs, businesses, start ups, and awesome attitudes. Hosted by Arifin Windarman, monthly every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm (GMT+7).
Plant LifeNature-inspired series, serving freshly picked soothing sounds we stumbled on the internet, dedicated to lone wolves and hungry hearts lounging under the dim light after a long day. Monthly every Monday with Joni from 9 pm until 11 pm (GMT+7) Genre: Ambient
Sonic PhilosophySonic Philosophy is a conversation within the realm of sound. By inviting various sound-oriented practicioners and experts, Sonic Philosophy provides facts, insights, and speculations related to the ever-changing aural culture. Monthly every Friday from 4pm until 6pm (GMT+7) with Bob Edrian. Genre: Talks, Interview, Story

Discography SpecialThis show is about study and cataloging of published sound recordings, often by specified artists or within identified musical genres. A discography can also refer to the recordings catalogue of an individual artist, group, or orchestra in whatever medium, that are made from those recordings. Dedicated to a collection of musical recordings by a performer or composer, considered as a body of work. For instance, all studio albums by a performer could collectively be considered their discography. Monthly every Thursday from 6 pm - 8 pm (GMT+7) hosted by Munir. Genre: Tribute, Discography
CinemaCinema started from a serial event in Bandung that brings electronic music variation from UK such as garage, 2step, dub, grime, bristol dubstep, etc. It will now be a program at Norrm Radio that will be put together and it will deliver music like hip-hop (new school/old school), future beats, dancehall and last but not least afrohouse. The name cinema is insipired from cxema that comes from Ukraine. Bi-weekly every Monday from 4 pm – 6 pm (GMT+7) hosted by Vai. Genre: Garage, 2step, Dub, Grime, Bristol Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Future Beats, Dancehall, Afrohouse.
Discover New SignalIn 17th & 18th May 2019, Woodensun, Norrm Radio and Paddy Grooves will move into Studio Eksotika. Connecting the local and they will share their network through this collaboration. From this collaboration we hope we can make a new establishing long-term collaborative possibilities for the future. We are doing pop-up store, live broadcast and small party.
Mind PopHosted by Sattle, “Mind Pop” is a serendipitous recollection of sounds, from intrusions to delusions that enters his mind in every episode. Weekly every Wednesday from 4pm - 6pm (GMT+7). Genre: Balearic, Triphop, Reggae, Dub, Soft Rocks, World Music
C*SSSC*SSS (read: CLUBSICKSICKSICK) presents C*SSS AIRWAVES: hosted by CLUBSICKSICKSICK, featuring exclusive DJ sets from the extended family. Dishing out thumpers in the midst of dance music club wares to avant-garde electronic sounds. Tunes for the club and tunes for the car — lock in!! Bi-weekly every Thursday from 4pm - 6pm (GMT+7). Genre: Experimental, Noise, Ambient, Hardcore, Jungle, Gabber, Trance, Hardcore/Punk, Metal.
Lost LeafThis program is an asymmetrical shape, a box but not a square, and all the other oddities and madness. Bi-weekly every Thursday from 12pm - 2pm (GMT+7) Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop, Leftfield Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop.
Spirit FingersSpirit Fingers brings some fresh mixes and occasionally invites guests to interview. Spreading some tunes through an extensive rack of dance music, guiding your ears through inspirations, classics, and influences from the past that represents the dancefloor spirit with Rayka. Weekly every Tuesday from 3pm-5pm (GMT+7). Genre: House, Disco, Techno, Italo, Electro, Acid, Breaks, Bass
Norrm Radio SpecialNorrm Radio Special monthly, inviting guest, features a wide variety of sounds. Monthly!