Spasial Podcast
Sonic Philosophy"... Because sound wave, once they're actually produced, they have to go somewhere, and what they do as they're going interests me a lot." - Alvin Lucier (1995). Sonic Philosophy is an expedition towards the understanding of sound. Sound as a phenomenon to think about. As Marshall McLuhan once said, "We hear sounds from everywhere, without ever having to focus," Sonic Philosophy is a place to focus on sound.
Mind PopAnything that suddenly pop into host’s mind without any deliberate attempt to recall them, when unrelated things constantly pop into his head from intrusions to delusions that he might be spotted in every of its episode. Weekly every Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm (GMT+7)
C*SSSC*SSS (read: CLUBSICKSICKSICK) presents C*SSS AIRWAVES : hosted by Bagvs and featuring exclusive DJ sets from the extended family. dishing out thumpers in the midst of dance music club wares to avant-garde electronic sounds. Tunes for the club and tunes for the car — Lock in!! By-weekly every Thursday from 4pm - 6pm (GMT+7)
Spirit FingersSpirit Fingers is fortnightly Wednesday Show on Norrm Radio that bringing some freshly mixes, new music, and sometimes inviting guests for interview. Spreading some tune through extensive rack of dance music, guiding your ears through inspirations, classics, and influences from the past that representing the dancefloor point of view from Rayka. Weekly every Monday from 4pm-5pm (GMT+7)
Some Velvet MorningWhen you wake up with the stranger beside you. When your breakfast taste so bad. And you realy hated to start the Monday. Thats the reason why we here in the morning. Every Thursday Fortnightly from 12pm - 2pm (GMT+7)
Norrm Radio SpecialNorrm Radio Special monthly, inviting guest, features a wide variety of sounds. Monthly!